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International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Physics

In memory of Professor Ahmed Intissar (1951-2017)

1-5 April 2019
Ryad Mogador Kasbah Hotel Marrakech, MOROCCO

Phone: (212) (0) 663564850

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In memory of Professor Ahmed Intissar (1951-2017)

The 2019 edition of ICMMP will honor the memory of Professor Ahmed Intissar. After obtaining his PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1985, Professor Intissar returned to his native Morocco. Over the years, he supervised several PhD thesis, creating a school of mathematics which is worldwide recognized for fundamental contributions both in mathematics and mathematical physics. His students, friends and collaborators will always remember him for his teaching, his science and his charismatic personality. The conference will bring together leading experts and research scholars to exchange and share their experience and research results on all aspects of mathematical physics and to promote transference of knowledge at the crossroads of mathematics and physics. There will be plenary sessions (30 to 45min), short talks and posters for student presentations. The scope of the conference will be quite broad, including in particular the following topics: polyanalytic function theory, harmonic analysis, representation theory and quantization, Clifford analysis and applications, coherent states, time-frequency analysis and wavelets, orthogonal polynomials, special functions and q-analogues, Hopf algebras and quantum groups, geometric mechanics and symmetry, exact solvable systems, Spectral theory and quantum systems. With the goal of encouraging communication and collaborative research between the participants, a feature of ICMMP2019 will be the inclusion of specific time-slots for scientific discussion.

Plenary Speakers

  • Luís D. Abreu (Austria)
  • Mariano A del Olmo (Spain)
  • Hélène Airault (France)
  • Azzouz Awane (Morocco)
  • Fabio Bagarello (Italy)
  • Ali Baklouti (Tunisia)
  • Peter Balazs (Austria)
  • Stefan Berceanu (Romania)
  • Abdelhamid Boussejra (Morocco)
  • Danail Brezov (Bulgaria)
  • Paula Cerejeiras (Portugal)
  • Evaldo Curado (Brazil)
  • Mohammed El Aïdi (Colombia)
  • Omar El-Fallah (Morocco)
  • Fouzia El Wassouli (Morocco)
  • Abderrahman Essadiq (Morocco)
  • Pavel Exner (Czech Republic)
  • Jacques Faraut (France)
  • Nelson Faustino (Brazil)
  • Hans G. Feichtinger (Austria)
  • Jean P. Gazeau (France)
  • Allal Ghanmi (Morocco)
  • Yassin Hassouni (Morocco)
  • Haakan Hedenmalm (Sweden)
  • Uwe Kähler (Portugal)
  • Vladimir V. Kisil (UK)
  • Erik Koelink (Netherlands)
  • Khalid Koufany (France)
  • Jerzy Lukierski (Poland)
  • Abdenacer Makhlouf (France)
  • Zouhaïr Mouayn (Morocco)
  • Anatol Odzijewicz(Poland)
  • Lassi J.Päivärinta (Estonia)
  • Georgi Raikov (Chile)
  • Michael Ruzhansky (Belgium)
  • Khalid Saifullah (Pakistan)
  • Nobukazu Shimeno (Japan)
  • Tomoyuki Shirai (Japan)
  • Sébastien Tremblay (Canada)
  • Apostol Vourdas (UK)
  • Hashim A. Yamani (Saudi Arabia)
  • Ahmed I. Zayed (USA)


  • Harmonic analysis, representation theory and quantization
  • Clifford algebras, Clifford analysis and applications
  • Coherent states & wavelets
  • q-deformation, Hopf algebras and quantum groups
  • Geometric mechanics and symmetry
  • Orthogonal Polynomials, special functions and exact solvable systems
  • Spectral theory and quantum systems

Organizing Committee

Abdelhamid Boussejra
Ibn Tofail University, Kénitra
Paula Cerejeiras
Aveiro University, Aveiro
Allal Ghanmi
Mohammed V University, Rabat
Yassine Hassouni
Mohammed V University, Rabat
Zouhaïr Mouayn (chair)
Sultan Moulay Slimane University, Béni Mellal
Hassan Sami
Hassan II University, Casablanca

Scientific Committee

Abdelhamid Boussejra
Ibn Tofail Univ., Morocco Hans G. Feichtinger
Vienna Univ., Austria Jean P. Gazeau
Zouhaïr Mouayn
Sultan Moulay Slimane Univ., Morocco Ablamowicz Rafal Tennessee Technological Univ., USA